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Why is Paul Revere Considered the Father of Early Dentistry?

Posted on 9/10/2018 by Giri Palani
Why is Paul Revere Considered the Father of Early Dentistry?Paul Revere is known for making a daring ride in which he pronounced, "The British are coming. The British are coming.” However, what many people don't realize is that he's also revered as "the Father of early dentistry.”

How Paul Revere got his Title

Prior to the American Revolution Revere worked as a trained silversmith and engraver. He also had a brief career as a dentist. However, it wasn't until 9 months after the Battle of Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775 that he was called on for his skills as a forensic dentist.

It was then that the family of Dr. Joseph Warren's (a Harvard trained physician and fellow patriot) family called on Revere to locate the ivory dentures he'd previously wired to the man's jaw. This is something he'd learned how to create and fashion during the 1760's from Dr. John Baker.

Revere had his own practice in Boston. You can find an advertisement for his services in the Boston Gazette in 1770. By the time Revere fit Warran with ivory dental prosthetics to replace his upper canine and first premolar, Revere had a lot of experience doing so. This is a practice he continued throughout the Revolutionary War too.

Dentures Today

Dentures have changed a lot over the years. For one thing, we no longer "wire” them to your jaw. We've also "heard” that today's dentures are much more comfortable to wear. Nonetheless, we can all look back and thank Paul Revere for more than his "warning ride.” We can also thank him for his skills as a dentist.

Once you've taken a moment to pause and give him thanks, give our office a call. We're here to help fit you with your next pair of dentures or help you maintain a healthy smile so you'll never need them. In either case, you'll want to schedule your appointment today.

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